OneNote needs a password to sync this notebook. Click here to enter your password.

If OneNote is left open when the PC engages Sleep Mode, OneNote creates an entry in it’s cache to prevent the user from losing data.  This measure can prevent OneNote from re-opening correctly when being brought out of Sleep Mode.  Specifically, OneNote is looking to the Cached user for credentials and there are none so when it tries to authenticate and you keep clicking on enter password it will never sign in.

The best practice to always close OneNote before putting the PC to sleep.

In the occasions that best practices are not followed, the steps below should help get you back on your feet:

  1. Close OneNote
  2. Click Start -> Run or the search button beside the Start button.
  3. Type Credential Manager and press Enter
  4. Click the Windows Credentials tab
  5. Identify all the Cached users in the list.  They are usually labeled MicrosoftOffice15_Data: or MicrosoftOffice16_Data:
  6. Click the arrow next to each one and choose Remove.
  7. Once removed, open OneNote and enter the password for your account.  It will connect and you will be able to sync your notebooks again.


    1. Hi Brian,

      Sorry to hear that. Most of the time that is the fix however there are other things to consider.

      1) Do you still have rights to the notebook?
      2) Did you try and sign out of Office, close it and sign back in?
      3) Are you able to access it via the web?



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