OneNote needs a password to sync this notebook. Click here to enter your password.

If OneNote is left open when the PC engages Sleep Mode, OneNote creates an entry in it’s cache to prevent the user from losing data.  This measure can prevent OneNote from re-opening correctly when being brought out of Sleep Mode.  Specifically, OneNote is looking to the Cached user for credentials and there are none so when it tries to authenticate and you keep clicking on enter password it will never sign in.

The best practice to always close OneNote before putting the PC to sleep.

In the occasions that best practices are not followed, the steps below should help get you back on your feet:

  1. Close OneNote
  2. Click Start -> Run or the search button beside the Start button.
  3. Type Credential Manager and press Enter
  4. Click the Windows Credentials tab
  5. Identify all the Cached users in the list.  They are usually labeled MicrosoftOffice15_Data: or MicrosoftOffice16_Data:
  6. Click the arrow next to each one and choose Remove.
  7. Once removed, open OneNote and enter the password for your account.  It will connect and you will be able to sync your notebooks again.


    1. Hi Brian,

      Sorry to hear that. Most of the time that is the fix however there are other things to consider.

      1) Do you still have rights to the notebook?
      2) Did you try and sign out of Office, close it and sign back in?
      3) Are you able to access it via the web?



  1. This did not fix OneNote, and after I removed all the Office Cached Users, File, Accounts made any Office app crash. A Quick Repair did not fix Office so I’m hoping a full reinstall will.


  2. I’m wondering if a recent windows update messed things up (which wouldn’t be the first time.) I am having the same annoying problem. Started this morning. Only OneNote 2016 (from O36 install) is asking for me to enter my password. All other apps work fine (Word, Outlook, Excel). I opened OneDrive online and it too asked for my password even though I was logged into my O365 account online. I entered it and I can see my notebooks online. I removed ALL of my credentials in the Credential Manager / Windows Credentials / Generic Credentials that listed anything to do with Microsoft. Still, only OneNote 2016 continuously nags for a password. Clicking on it does nothing. Running Windows 10 (latest creator’s edition) and O365 2016.


  3. So on top of the OneNote login issues I was experiencing yesterday, today after I synched a few files from my local OneDrive, it totally lost its $h1t and couldn’t login at all. After spending hours trying to reset OneDrive and removing my O365 licenses I decided to revert my O365 to a version I knew was working.
    I ran this on my laptop (reverted back to version 1703) and EVERYTHING IS WORKING AGAIN!!!!
    Use this in a command window (Admin privileges)
    cd %programfiles%\Common Files\microsoft shared\ClickToRun
    OfficeC2RClient.exe /Update user updatetoversion=16.0.7967.2139
    You may want to look up your versions online (16.0 is Office 2016). I also turned off Auto updates in O365. Go to File –> Account and under Office Updates I turned it off.
    Just an FYI. This isn’t the first time that a Microsoft Update (either for Windows OR Office) has totally messed up my system. I’ve had to revert O365 in the past due to a bad update.


  4. This worked with an extra step. Office 2016 delivered an error message “cannot connect at this time”. When I turned off VPN, then this worked perfectly. Microsoft must not like authentication over a private internet connection. Not surprised. I appreciate this article I frequently allow the computer to sleep with Office apps open.

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  5. Recently had this when I switched a users domain in 365. The onenote file had been shared from their OneDrive folder and due to the domain change the URL had changed. I needed to remove all the old Onenote files and readd them from the users OneDrive


  6. Worked perfectly. However, the entry I had to delete to get OneNote to work properly was called OneNote cache or something similar. Thanks!


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