How to use the CCPS Tech News blog

The CCPS Tech News blog is filled with a lot of useful information and fortunately contains many tools to locate the article you are looking for.

A breakdown and description of each feature is shown below.

Sign-up for Email Subscription


If you are interested in having new articles delivered straight into your email inbox, you may sign-up for notifications.  This option may be found in the footer at the bottom of the blog.

Search Bar


Enter a topic you are hoping to learn more about and press the search button.  The blog will return any relevant results back for you to view.  Remember, the more descriptive your search, the more exact the result set will be.



Each article is sorted into one or more categories relevant to the content of the article.  By clicking on a category you will be presented with all the articles associated with that topic.



In addition to being sorted into categories, articles are also tagged with relevant keywords.  Clicking on a keyword will present you with all the articles associated with that tag.

Main Menu

main menu.PNG

The main menu is separated out into high level logical grouping allowing you to choose an entire group to view as opposed to specific category or tags.