Onetastic? What is this magic you speak of?

If you have OneNote 2016, you can easily install Onetastic, a free multi-purpose add-on.

Onetastic enables the use of custom macros such as the following:

  • Create a table of contents for a notebook, a section, or a page using the Table of Contents macros.
  • Use the Search and Replace macro to quickly make adjustments across multiple
    notebooks or a single notebook, including HTML replacement.
  • Rotate/Flip printouts.
  • Add Excel-like functions to tables such as Sum, Average, Min, Max, Count Numbers, and more.
  • Number all cells in a table, autofill, and other items.
  • Insert monthly calendars into notes.
  • Display a summary page of all recent changes in a notebook or section.
  • And many more macros that provide enhanced functionality non-existent in other tools.