FAQ: Closing out the school year with Classroom, Class notebook and the new Microsoft Teams

As the end of the year approaches and teachers prepare for the summer break, questions about how to close things out can arise. We have compiled a list of questions and answers surrounding Microsoft Classroom, Class Notebooks and the new Microsoft Teams below.

Class Notebooks

Q.  How do I move my Class Notebook content to the next year?
A.  Following the guide here will show how to move content located in your Class Notebook from this year to the next.

Q.  How can my students save their personal notebooks when they leave my class?
A.  When a student is no longer a part of your class, they no longer have access to their notebook.  Students can take their work with them however by saving it to their OneDrive.  The process is easy using the guide found here.

Microsoft Classroom

Q.  Will I have access to the assignments I created in Classroom next year?
A. Yes, but they just need to be accessed in a different way.  When Classroom becomes a part of Teams, all class materials will be able to be accessible as an Office 365 Group.  You may access those groups here.  We are currently retaining two school years’ worth of assignments and data.  This includes the current school year and the previous one.

Q.  When will I lose access to my old classes in Classroom?
A. Classes are typically entered and assigned by the student management system over the summer.  When this happens, new corresponding class entries will be created in the new Microsoft Teams interface.  At the same time, classes older than the previous school year will be removed from the system.

Q.  Can I copy the resources used in an assignment over to the new school year?
A.  When an assignment is created, Classroom saves a copy of the resources in a folder structure located under the Files tab.  This structure can be copied to the new school year using the walkthrough found here.

Q.  Do I need to move my Classroom Class Notebook content over to the new school year?
A.  Teachers take a lot of time and care crafting their Class Notebooks for use with their students.  We recommend that you copy your content over to the new school year’s Class Notebook to leverage all that hard work.  You can do this by following the guide here.


Microsoft Teams

Q.  Microsoft Teams?  What happened to Microsoft Classroom?
A.  Since Microsoft Classroom Preview released in April 2016, Microsoft listened to IT, school leaders, teachers, and students from around the world on how to improve the service. Now, because of all your great feedback, they are bringing the best of the Microsoft Classroom Preview features (e.g., Assignments and OneNote Class Notebook) to Microsoft Teams for new built-in classroom experiences in Office 365 for Education.

Q.  What makes Teams so much better?
A.  With Teams, Microsoft has created a digital hub for the connected and collaborative learning experiences. One that builds on existing Office 365 apps to help educators save time and make learning more personalized, integrated and accessible in and outside the classroom.  Since everything is integrated, teachers and students no longer find themselves leaving the current tab to go work on a notebook page, view a resource in the library or even check the due date of an assignment!

Snapshot of the new interface.

Q.  Can you tell me more?
A.  We in the IT department are receiving new updates daily about the new Teams interface and how it will help teachers and students.  This summer, we plan to send out a follow-up email with specifics on what to expect when you return from break.  For now, you can check out the announcement from Microsoft on Teams for Education.

Have additional questions not answered here?  Let us know!


  1. The two links on the top seem to be restricted to the ccps365 domain as I can’t open either file and get a message that I am not being found in the directory


    1. Hi Cristina,
      Thanks for the question. That is the expected behavior. Although this blog is public facing, the content housed here is to assist our staff members in our District with questions surrounding technology that may arise.


      1. Thanks for the info. Do you know if Microsoft has put anything out publicly about this?


      2. 😦 If you decide to make your tricks and tips public for a little while 😉 please let me know!


  2. As noted in the above comments, your suggested best practices would be a wonderful resource! I have been looking for quite some time for information on moving class notebooks to the next school year and assisting students in saving their work. Would you be willing to share this information (generic names of course)?


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