Office 365 Video will transition to Microsoft Stream

The popularity of Office 365 Video has validated Microsoft’s belief that video is increasingly important for all kinds of organizations. With that validation, they are expanding efforts in the video market by launching Microsoft Stream, a video service for both Office 365 customers and those who are not Office 365 customers.

What is Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is a new video service that uses the power of intelligent enterprise video to enable knowledge sharing, easier communication, and connectivity in a secure enterprise environment. Microsoft Stream is the successor to Office 365 Video; however, the two services will co-exist during the transition period. Both are built on Azure Media Services and use the same streaming video technology, allowing playback at scale across any device. Where Office 365 Video leveraged SharePoint Online for infrastructure and storage, Microsoft Stream is built from the ground up on top of Azure.

Stream Icon

It can be accessed via the Waffle menu in Office 365 using the icon that looks like this:

What are the transition plans for current Office 365 Video customers?

The transition from Office 365 Video to Microsoft Stream will be a phased approach and we will continue to make improvements, maintain, and support Office 365 Video during this time. Once we’ve incorporated the best of Office 365 Video into Microsoft Stream and have transitioned all existing Office 365 Video customers and their videos into Stream, we will retire the existing Office 365 Video portal and iOS app.

The transition from Office 365 Video will start in the second half of the 2017 calendar year, giving customers time to acclimate to the new service.


What will happen to my video content when it’s transitioned to Stream?

Microsoft will transition all videos, channels, and permissions from Office 365 Video into Stream. After the transition, existing Office 365 Video embed codes and links to videos will still work, redirecting to the same content in Stream.

What new features will I have access to with Microsoft Stream, if I choose to start using Stream now?

The features below are offered in Microsoft Stream, visit our website to learn more.

  • Office 365 Groups support, allowing a video library for every Office 365 Group
  • Permissions at the video level
  • Sub-channels within a group
  • Videos may appear in multiple channels
  • Personal watch list to get back to videos later
  • Comments and likes directly on the video
  • Rich video description, including links directly to times within a video
  • Automatic closed caption based on what’s spoken in the video
  • Deep search of what’s spoken in the video (specific license required)
  • Face detection, allowing exploring a video by where a face appears (specific license required)

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