What’s so great about cloud storage?

Then: typewriters, carbon copies, and file cabinets. Now? Devices galore and cloud storage.

Some of the larger shifts in workplace culture that have occurred in recent years because of new ways to store data and access applications include:  A Mobile Workforce, True Real-Time Collaboration, and Secure Storage & Easy Organization.

“…Not terribly long ago, the average office worker was bound to a single desk and computer. Software and files were stored locally, making it a hassle (and potentially a costly one) to recreate your setup on another machine. At the very least, you needed to plan in advance if you wanted or needed to work someplace other than the office. In recent years, however, things have begun to change. Common business tools, including word processors, spreadsheets, and slideshow presentation programs, have moved to the cloud. Combined with the proliferation of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, this development has made it possible to access and work on your documents from almost anywhere…”

Then vs. now: How cloud storage has changed the way we work