Snip & Sketch: What is it?

Windows 10 October 2018 Update has brought with it many new changes. One of these changes is a replacement for the Snipping Tool we have grown accustomed to for performing Screen, Window, or Custom captures. See what is coming next.

Snipping Tool Icon Tile

Eventually Snipping Tool will be completely removed from Windows 10 and Snip & Sketch will be the default installed software. Some notable changes include the delay snip options, Windows Ink integration, and the modern UI. Methods for using the Snip & Sketch software are listed below:

Snip & Sketch Icon Tile
  • Windows Key + Shift + S will bring up the toolbar and copy to your clipboard
  • Using the above method, clicking on the Action Bar Notification will open the clipboard in the software for editing
  • If this hotkey is too long go to Settings (Action Menu or Windows Key + I) and search for PrtScn which will let you bind the app to the Print Screen button on your keyboard
  • Press the Quick Action Button in the Action Center
Snip & Sketch Action Menu Screen Snip Quick Action

For more information about Snip & Sketch visit the links below, happy snipping.