How to reset your password at CCPS

CCPS has implemented a self-service password recovery option in the event that you forget your password. The process is straightforward and uses recovery options that users were asked to setup previously. Below is a link to the walk through document on Sharepoint that you can print out, and the first few steps in the event you’re already in need of the process.

The following link is to our full walk through on Sharepoint: Password Recovery Instructions.

If you’re here because you are in need of instructions to get to password recovery and do not have the above file saved locally or printed out you can do the following to being the process.

After 3 failed login attempts the account will lock. You will have to wait 20 minutes for the account to automatically unlock before you can try to log in again or recover your password.

To reset your password visit the Office 365 Website. In the prompt enter your full CCPS email and click next.

On the next screen click on Forgot My Password.

You are now in the password recovery system. You only have to follow the on screen instructions moving forward to reset your password.

After you’ve reset your password it is recommended that your download and print out the walk through linked above in the event that you need to reference the instructions again.