Microsoft Teams – “Make a Test Call” feature

How to use it

Open up settings

Go to devices and click Make a Test Call

You’re greeted with a voice that asks you to record a message after the beep.  This is used to ensure that your microphone is configured correctly.

Once you’re done speaking, the recording is played back.  If you’re happy with the test, you’re done! If not, check the device settings.

A results screen displays the configured devices and a green check-mark that indicates if it worked properly.

Teams Test Call-04

NOTE: Chris Williams from PlanetMagpie noted that Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams clients can not be running side by side and have calling enabled. The result will be that the Teams test call will fail because Skype for Business has control of your audio device.  If you exit from the Skype for Business client the test will work.