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There’s More to Web Accessibility Than Alt Text, Part 3: Alternative Text

We certainly can’t leave this one out! Alternative Text, or Alt Text, is the first checkpoint in WCAG and it’s a big one. Alt Text seems very straightforward and simple, but it can be rather confusing. What is the proper way to write alt text? Does this image need alt text or is it a null image? Where does one begin to understand all the intricacies of alternative text???

How can this requirement be met?

Before panic sets in, there is help out there! And, when it comes to accessibility, practice makes perfect. The more you dive right in and try, the easier it will become. To help guide you, I’ve listed a few of my favorite alternative text resources.

Blind + Low Vision NZ: Top how-to tips for using text

Axess Lab: Alt-texts: The Ultimate Guide

WebAIM: Alternative Text


Lastly, to show your support for making the internet a more accessible place and to help spread the word, join the #AltTextForAll movement! Learn more about the campaign and how to easily get involved.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blog posts! Please know that they were a simple introduction into a few of the web accessibility requirements in WCAG. There is a vast amount of information on this topic and I encourage you to continue building upon what you’ve already learned!